Borgo di Terravecchia

A small historic jewel, the medieval village of Terravecchia, surrounded by a wide belt of olive groves, gets up from the Picentino Valley with its castle and ancient walls. Only 51 citizens, but his life is rooted in very ancient times, the ancient pre-Christian times when the area was settled by Picentini. From the XII century, the town got an exponential growth, around the castle grew vigorously, the feud, with shops, storage tanks, warehouses, churches (Sant’Egidio and Saint Leone) and palaces

What to see to Village of Terravecchia

Cobbled streets and winding alleyways seem to be a cross-linked capillary that still shapes and draws the centre. The trail leads to the ‘castro’ street that was restored in 1240 by Frederick II of Swabia, which became the residence for hunting. The abandoned village of the late eighteenth century after the D’Avalos family, has found new vitality today, thanks to a massive restoration. The historic houses have become location for conferences, meetings and places of art, confirming the wealth of the local heritage.